Sixothree helps drive road safety business forward

Rennicks UK increases support contract with Sixothree Marketing after just six months.

Rennicks UK Ltd has been at the forefront of traffic sign innovation for over 30 years, enhancing road safety by developing and supplying the latest road traffic signs and technology. Its independent sales and distribution centre is based in Cheshire, supported by a national sales team.

With ambitious growth plans, and to fulfil their objectives of achieving greater market penetration with the introduction of new products, Rennicks recognises the need for an extensive, well-thought-out marketing strategy to match their ambitions. Promotional activity is important to the brand – and a new partnership with Sixothree Marketing Ltd is helping them to continue their growth with diversity, creativity and consistency.

“When we lost our marketing manager we decided to outsource instead of maintaining a marketing team in-house. Outsourcing ensured we’d lower our costs but retain the quality of the promotional and marketing activity we were engaging in on a regular basis. As we have quite a specialist product range it was key that we were able to communicate effectively with our target audience and position Rennicks as the industry leader in the marketplace.” Explains Kerry Winstanley from Rennicks UK. “We selected Sixothree out of three companies that pitched to us for the marketing contract. We liked the fact they weren’t a large agency – small enough to really appreciate what we were trying to achieve and take a genuine interest in our business. We also felt that Sixothree would motivate and push us into doing things and ensure that we were proactive from a marketing perspective rather than waiting for us to go to them with requests and ideas.”

Working with Sixothree has resulted in various key developments and positive changes within the company – the main one being that Rennicks is more prominent and visible in the marketplace, able to communicate the right messages in the right way with consistency. “One of the biggest benefits of working with Sixothree has been the new ideas they bring to the table – for example, the use of a video brochure and webinar to launch our new virtual journey time system. Our marketing collateral has also improved and is more targeted and streamlined to focus on the new directives and audiences outlined in our business growth strategy. Having support and additional resources within the business is invaluable – working with Sixothree is like having an additional member of the team with us at every step of the way without the cost of employing an in-house marketing manager.” Says Kerry.

Rennicks has now doubled the size of the contract with Sixothree after just six months. “Now we have a better marketing plan in place and are being more proactive, the amount of work required has naturally increased.” Brand awareness has also increased following Sixothree’s involvement with Rennicks and the market potential identified. Kerry continued, “We have worked a lot with Sixothree to identify other markets to sell our products into, which has opened up a greater number of opportunities and projected potential for months and years to come.”

Sixothree’s Director Karen Randall adds, “We really enjoy working with the team at Rennicks. They have great products that focus on making the road network safer for both road users and road workers. They have a fantastic mindset and are always open to exploring new ideas and different avenues. We look forward to continuing our work with Kerry and the team at Rennicks and to cement their position as market leader in their field.”

To find out more about Sixothree and how they can support you with your marketing strategy, contact Sixothree directly on 0161 694 9619 or email info@sixothree.co.uk.