Don’t write your own copy – get a professional copywriter

Copywriting. It's another of those skills that many people think they have. After all, it's only writing and anyone can do that can't they? Often they can't. And if copy for your website, sales letter, press ads, leaflets or press releases isn't written by a professional, it won't be working as hard as it could be, selling your products and services and encouraging a response.

But that's what we're seeing more and more of these days. As companies look to reduce costs and try to do as much as possible in-house, more and more businesspeople are writing their own copy.

So you often see striking design work for both online and offline channels that really supports the brand and looks sensational, alongside copy that doesn't reach the same high standard. It doesn't have the correct style or tone of voice, and it certainly doesn't work hard enough to engage the reader and persuade them to take action – now.

But it's absolutely vital for the integrity of your brand and the responsiveness of every sales piece you send out online and offline, that all of your copy is written by a professional copywriter. With expertly written copy, your company will look more professional. The copy will sell your products or services much more strongly. And people will want to buy from you.

So here's an idea. The next design project you need, give it to Sixothree and we'll give it to one of our copywriters, who will be specially selected for your particular project and its requirements. You'll be amazed at the difference he or she can make – on everything from a full website, landing page or email campaign to a press, poster or DM burst, newsletter, press release, editorial, feature, annual report or speech.

For more information and a chat about your next marketing project (whether it needs copywriting or not), please call Karen on 07908 610 190.