Digital print vs litho print

Understanding the difference between digital and litho printing is important to ensure you are making the right decision when printing your new business cards, brochure or flyer. So which process is right for you? As a general rule of thumb, digital print production is more suitable for shorter runs and offset lithography is more suitable…
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How to avoid spam filters

You have an engaging subject line, a beautifully designed email, and a great offer to send your customers. But will it reach their inbox? Before hitting send, you need to understand how to avoid the increasingly sophisticated spam filters and ensure your email will reach the recipients. Every email server has filtering software to decide…
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Top 10 tips for email marketing

Email marketing is quick, effective and measurable. It allows you to talk to a large, targeted section of your customers with a message that is relevant. You know instantly who’s opened the email, and who’s responded – which means you can test a variety of strategies. As you know, the more you understand about your…
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