FREE video workshop at your place

Did you know that video can mean a 74% increase in a customers understanding of your product? Or that email click-throughs increase threefold when video is included?

We think video is an essential tool in your training or marketing mix. In fact, we are so convinced that we are offering a 100% FREE WORKSHOP at your office in partnership with Fourteen Seventeen Productions to help you see the potential of video and how it can benefit your business.


What to expect

Learn from the experts how video is produced, from pre-production through to final delivery. How to avoid the pitfalls and fully exploit this dynamic and creative medium. We’ll also take the opportunity to gain an understanding of your business and it’s long term goals. Then we will provide a no obligation plan tailored specifically to your business for producing a high quality video or animation to promote your business, train your staff, explain your products or advertise your services...all with the added impact that video can bring.

So if you like the idea of enhancing your website, increasing click-through rates and improving your customers’ understanding of your product or service, let Sixothree and Fourteen Seventeen Productions show you how and put the power of video in your hands.

Start generating some of your own impressive marketing statistics with the power of video. Contact Karen today on 0161 694 9619 to book your FREE WORKSHOP, and let us put you in the picture.