Include video in your marketing strategy to make waves in 2017

With so many avenues for businesses to explore as they promote themselves, marketing budgets are increasingly stretched to their limits. Yet the best strategies are comprised of many strands, which come together to form one concerted effort. Your consumers may be part of one or several markets, but they will all be exposed to and receive information in a different way, in different places. The issue for many businesses is where to spend limited resources and how in order to receive the best return.

In 2016 video helped brands struggling to gain the exposure they deserved to do just that. Last year alone 78% of people watched videos every week – with 55% watching them every day. As new social networks emerge and platforms have released fresh video sharing capabilities the medium has grown significantly, helping brands to go viral in a matter of hours, days or weeks.

This year video is set to make an even bigger impact – with massive implications for the brands that employ and exploit this medium effectively. So why is video such a powerful marketing tool – and how can you use it to your advantage this year?

Video is a great all-rounder

Video has been proven to be engaged with by all – especially when it is paired with other marketing methods. Across different demographics and markets it continues to effectively reach and teach audiences. There is space for video in all brands’ marketing strategies, as it can be put to a variety of uses across numerous platforms in order to secure significant exposure.

Video is captivating

Video captivates all the senses – using sight, sound and psychologically compelling commentary and techniques. Watching video is an experience, as opposed to simply reading text, or viewing an advertisement. Statistics prove that video is more engaging than singularly sensory counterparts – 80% of viewers remember the videos they watch online and the information contained within them. Crucially websites featuring videos see a marked increase in engagement and sales – with click-through rates increasing by 200-300% on sites with videos compared to those without.

Video is versatile

The versatility of video is one key to its success. It works for all types of brands, and can be presented in a variety of formats. From how-tos and promos to corporate explainers and testimonials, there are unlimited ways to share (and satisfy consumer needs) with video.

Whilst traditional informational and promotional show reels are still popular, increasingly videos are becoming shorter and diversifying into new formats. The popularity of Snapchat and Instagram Stories in particular has shown that video doesn’t always need to take a traditional perspective to be successful. As consumer patience thins and competition grows, it’s likely that video will continue to evolve to satisfy shortening attention spans.

Video is social

Exposure and relevancy is key – and where you share your video is almost as important as the content itself. Users spend more than 40 minutes watching videos on mobile devices and over 40% of videos online are now viewed on social platforms – so it’s little surprise that over 74% of social media marketers incorporate video as part of their strategy. Each has a different interface and slightly different rules, regulations and formats – therefore your video needs to be tailor-made for each in order to be effective. Facebook in particular is driving the popularity of video online in 2017 – just last year Vice President Nicola Mendelsohn hinted that the network could be ‘all video’ in just five years’ time. Already it has rolled out several key features – including autoplay and Facebook LIVE. Videos get top priority on the network – and as a result professional posts and live broadcasts alike are gaining momentum and growing in popularity. It’s easy to see why - when feeds are saturated with images and text consumers naturally interact with and easily absorb the information they receive from videos. The bottom line is that video outperforms any other type of content on Facebook – a trend that’s likely to continue and extend to other platforms in time.

Video could help you to stay ahead of the competition in 2017. Contact us today to discuss video marketing and how we can build video into your marketing strategy to leverage your brands exposure.