5 top tips to help you master the world of e-commerce

E-commerce is an everyday occurrence for millions of consumers around the world, so what can you do to make your e-commerce business stand out and flourish? In today’s blog we discuss five top tips to help boost product sales.

The importance of a social link

Your customers spend a lot of time on social media.

A lot of customers will reach out to you about customer service issues through your social media pages, putting the onus on you to be there to provide the support they’re looking for on the channel they choose. One important factor in customer support on social media is time. How fast can you respond to that query? Customers expect a quick response with 42 percent anticipating a response within 60 minutes.

A large proportion of customers also now shop through social media – looking for reviews of products online or checking out your company’s social media presence before making their purchase.

Shipping and returns should be clear

If there is one thing that is likely to put your customer off at the point of purchase it is having to pay for shipping. You should highlight across your website that shipping is either free or minimal where possible, ensuring your customers know the price upfront and don’t encounter additional costs when they reach the checkout basket.

Another frequently asked question is how to return unwanted products – paying for returns can potentially put people off. If it is your company’s policy to offer free returns, make this clear. Either way, ensure your shipping and returns policy is easy to find on your website and made clear at the point of purchase.

Commit to a communications plan

Most e-commerce businesses will want their customers to repeat purchase, so it is important to encourage your customers back to the site on a regular basis with new product information they might be interested in. So, as you add new products, you should have a marketing plan in place to communicate these – this might be via social media and/or email marketing.

Reviews encourage others to purchase

Have you ever bought something simply because a friend recommended the product or service? Have you booked a hotel because of their excellent reviews online? Consumers will now actively seek out reviews about a product or service before buying, so make it easy for your potential customers and provide product reviews on your website for them to read before they purchase.

Utilising the power of remarketing

Are potential customers placing an item in their basket then leaving your site to look for alternative options? Remarketing can help you increase your sales conversion rate online by encouraging visitors back online to complete their purchase.

Remarketing allows you to market your product to an audience that are genuinely interested as they browse other websites to potentially look at competitor products. We wrote a blog ‘3 reasons why you should be remarketing’ which explains this further.

At Sixothree Marketing we work with a variety of e-commerce clients to help them drive traffic to their website and encourage repeat purchases. If you want to boost your e-commerce business, get in touch for an informal discussion about your business objectives and how we can help.