Three reasons why you should be Remarketing

Have you been browsing online and spotted adverts from brand websites you visited days before? That advert that keeps reminding you of the handbag you looked at and really wanted or the holiday you were dreaming of but managed to resist? These adverts are designed to encourage you to return to the website and make that purchase.

You are being remarketed to, and most brands see great success when this tactic is deployed.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is when you are targeted by a brand after you visit their website. It works by placing a small piece of code, also known as a tag or pixel, on your website so visitors can be added to your remarketing audience list. Adverts are then automatically displayed to this audience at a later date when they are browsing the world wide web. There are many platforms you can use to remarket including Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Millions of companies use remarketing from small businesses to large corporates.

Benefits of remarketing

So now you know what remarketing is, why should you employ it as part of your marketing strategy in 2018? There are numerous benefits to using remarketing, but these are our top three:

1. Higher conversion rates

As a marketer or a business owner the one thing you will be looking for is higher conversion rates. Research shows that remarketing campaigns achieve much higher conversion rates. So why is this? Naturally, if you’re already interested in a product or service, you will be open and receptive to information about that product or service. So when a remarketing ad is displayed, you’re more likely to be tempted back in and click on the link to revisit the site. The advert is relevant, highly targeted and therefore likely to record a higher conversion rate.

2. Powerful brand building tool

Displaying your brand visually helps people to remember you. Remarketing allows you to not only promote your brand visually online but also to segment your audience based on their browsing history on your website.

Remarketing allows you to track customers who visit specific pages on your site, rather than just your homepage, enabling you to create separate targeted campaigns for each audience. For example, you may have bought that handbag, but did you know about the matching purse? The company knows you liked the handbag as you visited the page, they may also know that you visited the checkout and bought the bag, so now through remarketing, they can target you with online ads to promote the matching purse. The company are using remarketing to segment their audience and provide highly targeted campaigns to hot leads.

So how is remarketing different from placing an advert? Remarketing helps to increase repeat visits to your website as the audience you are targeting are already interested in your product or service and repetitive advertising helps to build your brand.

3. Cost effective marketing

If applied properly, remarketing adverts can be one of your most effective campaigns. Remarketing clicks are more cost effective, as your customer is already interested in your product or service and you have targeted your campaigns to reach a certain audience who are most likely to interact with you. The more you can personalise your advertising to what the audience is interested in, the higher the likelihood that they will click through to your site and make that purchase.

If you would like to find out more about how remarketing can work for you, contact us today to discuss on 0161 694 9617. Many of our clients are already remarketing, and it works.