The Value in Video

What was once considered as an expensive waste of time, has now catapulted to the forefront of online habits. Video used to involve buffer signs and the tapping of impatient fingers as you waited for the video to load for the fifth time. Now, with faster connections and more devices than ever, video is at the end of everyone's fingertips.

In 2020, 92% of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy (Hubspot, 2020). And they’re not wrong to say so. Because 80% of web traffic now comes from video, and Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. So if it’s not your video at the end of that search, it’s likely a competitor's.

How can you use video to promote your business?

There are a variety of ways that you can utilise video in order to reach your target audience. To gain the most from video, you need to understand which is the best way for you to engage your customers. Consider what your audience wants to see.

Demos, educational or “how-to” videos are a great way of informing your audience about the product or service, in a more engaging and entertaining way. 96% of consumers turn to video to learn more about a product or service (Hubspot, 2020). If a user lands on your page, only to find a load of text, it’s possible that they will lose interest.

Brand videos can be used to portray the image of the business to give customers a genuine understanding of who you are. Event videos, interviews, case studies and animated videos are also great ways of creating engaging content for your viewers.

Go Live

Facebook and Instagram have launched their Live service, which allows users to live stream to their followers. Businesses have jumped on this, as a simple and authentic way of reaching their audiences. Live videos are generally entertaining and focus on creating a connection with followers. Not to mention it’s free!

The benefits?

Video is an effective way of showing who your brand really is and gives your business a real personality. You can even introduce your employees within your business to create a personal feel.

Video creates deeper emotions and gains stronger attention than text-based content. This increases engagement in viewers and leaves a more lasting effect. Customers are drawn to products with emotion, so pull on those heartstrings!

It’s also a valuable strategy for SEO. It provides backlinks to your webpage and platforms such as Google and Linkedin prioritise video in their algorithms for what they show first. Meaning even your search engine ranking will benefit.

Video without the Video

One last thing to consider is that you don’t always have to create a video to benefit from video advertising. What? How? I hear you ask…

Display ads can be placed before or during videos. They are a powerful way of getting your message across, without all the studio time. Catch the attention of viewers, by displaying your advert whilst they watch content they are interested in.

If your business isn’t creating video, you’re missing out. Video is cheaper and more accessible than ever. The more authentic your message, the better. So big budgets are no longer needed. Sixothree has all the resources to manage and create your video content strategy. Get in touch for a chat if you want to find out more.