Biopac product brochure

Biopac's product range had grown significantly and they were looking for a brochure to showcase both their products and their product values.

Firstly, Biopac's brand was in need of a refresh. We developed an approach that was bolder, more confident and modern, in keeping with a company involved in groundbreaking technology. Using their brand colours and key messages, the creative approach we developed used key words in an interesting and impactful typographic way.

We later developed a brochure that was a much more rounded marketing tool, not just a product catalogue. With an intro spread, it gave us the opportunity to talk about the company's unique values.

The result was a brochure that told more of a complete story about the Biopac brand, rather than just showing pictures and listing products. It now does more of a marketing job for the business.

Visit: www.biopac.co.uk