Why are SEO and PPC strategies crucial for businesses?

If you stop to consider your personal buying habits for a second, you’ll quickly see why a strong presence online is now essential. As digital booking and buying systems take over from outdated traditional mediums and social media becomes a multi-functional marketplace with the power to develop or substantially expand brands, it’s becoming easier than ever before to grow a business locally, nationally or internationally - even without a physical presence. The way we buy clothes, book holidays, make reservations and medical appointments - even the way we order takeaway – all have been completely revolutionised by an insurgence of new technologies and capabilities, bringing in new buying behaviours and fresh sales psychologies across the board.

80% of consumers shop online. Over 60% check out a business online before they engage with them. Over 40% use Google to find a company that provides the services or products they need. With these stats in mind, the importance of SEO and PPC becomes clear. But where do you start – and why should SEO and PPC in particular claim such a significant portion of your online marketing strategy (and budget)?

If you’re not online, you’re invisible

The numbers are black and white. If 60% of consumers are trusting by what they find when they head online and they don’t see your business (or do see a lacklustre online presence), they’ll find a competitor to spend their money with instead. Online shoppers now spend 51% online – so over half of their disposable income is dispensed via the internet.

This unfortunately results in great businesses being judged unfairly based on a poorly designed website or uninspiring social platforms – or not being considered at all as they languish on page 3 of Google’s search results for their relevant key terms. This rapid shift from locating companies through word of mouth alone and promotional publications such as the Yellow Pages is still catching businesses out – and it means that if your company isn’t properly listed and represented online, it may as well be invisible to your customers.

SEO does a lot more than simply drive traffic

44% of consumers start their shopping search with Google. So how well do you rank for the products and services your customers are searching for? SEO is a holistic practice – which is possibly why it is often viewed as complex and referred to as confusing. Yet the benefits are clear and simple. It encompasses a wide range of techniques and threads that come together to form a strong strategy, devised to increase your online profile. Find out more about the alternate benefits of SEO here.

PPC keeps your business front of mind

Building credibility and authority in a saturated market can be challenging – and even when you’re niche, being heard above the noise online and respected and engaged with by consumers can prove tricky without professional support. Pay Per Click advertising (or PPC for short) ensures that you can begin to get exposure and drive traffic confidently to your site once it’s optimised – directly targeting customers searching for specific products and services. Managed well, PPC campaigns can be incredibly lucrative – with significant ROI to gain. What’s more, it keeps your company front of mind for consumers, even when they don’t click through. You have presence and authority – and that counts for a lot – especially the next time they come to make a purchase.

SEO and PPC are cost-effective and efficient forms of marketing

When taken care of by true professionals, SEO strategies and PPC schemes can produce a significant return on investment – without a massive initial outlay. This means that they are highly cost-effective forms of marketing.

Those who stay ahead don’t fall behind

Online marketing is constantly evolving to meet increasing demand for swift, simple shopping and selection. Smartphones and expanding network coverage make it easier than ever before to engage with brands and spend money – anytime, anywhere. Companies who aren’t yet engaging fully with consumers online are already slipping back - and run the risk of falling further behind if they fail to invest in an effective internet marketing strategy – with SEO and PPC as its focus.

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