Public relations (PR)

PR is an invaluable tool for raising awareness of your business. It also creates the perception that your company is active and on the move. Public relations include the writing and distribution of stories into newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Media outlets generally don’t charge for publishing these articles, but consider them valuable for their readers. Therefore, PR has the power to reach thousands of people free of charge, potentially generating many valuable sales leads for your company.

We will work with you to fully understand your business and the key messages you want to send to your target audience. We will then research various industry publications to see if they reach the people you’re targeting. Together, we will then look at various business stories and choose the most newsworthy. We will write the press releases for your approval, liaise with your clients where relevant to get their approval, and send them to the chosen publications.

We don't simply circulate press releases and hope they get picked up and published by the journalists. Instead, we speak to the journalists and explain your story, which usually increases the chances of coverage.

We have gained a great deal of press coverage for a number of our clients in both local and regional media and trade publications. Naturally, we’re always excited to see our stories in print and online.