Celebrating seven years of campaigns, events and client relationships

The second week of December is a special week for Sixothree. Not only are we just two weeks away from Christmas Day (or ‘eating amazing food day’ as Jenny likes to call it) but we also celebrate our birthday.

As you can imagine, we have experienced lots of highs over the last seven years - including making the step of employing our first team member Jenny, and making the daunting decision to move the business from Nottingham to Manchester.

Today, Jenny sat down with Karen, Founder of Sixothree Marketing, to find out more about the last seven years of Sixothree and why she continues to be so dedicated and passionate about the business.

Jenny: Hi Karen, so we know you setup Sixothree seven years ago, but can you tell us a little more about why you started the company and why the name Sixothree?

Karen: Having worked both client side and for a big agency I was conscious that small to medium sized businesses couldn’t necessarily access or afford agency prices and so were missing out on important marketing support. Businesses may have access to a designer or a web developer, but to my knowledge, there was a gap in the market for a full marketing consultancy and support service where SME’s could access more cost-effective support, without the need to employ a full-time member of staff to manage their marketing. Our option at Sixothree is flexible. We provide marketing services that are appropriate and the right fit for each of our clients. This ranges from working with clients on ad-hoc projects and providing additional marketing support as and when they need it, to acting as their full marketing team, taking care of all their marketing activity.

Coming up with the company name wasn’t easy! We do this as part of the services we provide for clients but when it’s your baby, it’s much harder! I toyed with lots of names, but none stuck. I then moved on to a strapline and really liked ‘increasing brand reach’ - it’s what we do! The name 'Sixothree’ stemmed from this - it’s the number of miles in a straight line from Land’s End to John O Groats. Our clients and their customer base are spread all over the UK ... but it also relates to the lengths we go to for our clients. I will never be cycling that distance though so don’t go getting any ideas, Jenny!!!

Jenny: I’ve always liked the story behind the name! We’re currently based in Manchester City Centre, but I know Sixothree hasn’t always been based here, tell us a little bit about that?

Karen: Prior to setting up Sixothree I was working for an award-winning direct marketing agency based in Nottingham where I studied and worked for 13 years before moving to Manchester. So Sixothree was born in Nottingham and then we moved up to Manchester in our second year of business.

Jenny: Manchester definitely feels like Sixothree’s home now! You must have some fantastic memories from the past seven years. What do you love most about Sixothree?

Karen: Watching our clients grow is so rewarding. We still work closely with our very first client and it’s been great to see how their business has grown over the last 7 years. Also, the variety of industry sectors we work in. We rarely work with more than one client in any sector, helping us to learn about new industries all the time.

I also really like the variety of work - no day is ever the same! A skill we have to have is to be able to switch from one project to another and one client to another. It can be hard work, but it keeps it interesting!

Jenny: Agreed, I love the effect we can have on a business. So, what’s next for Sixothree, any big projects in the pipeline for 2019?

Karen: Yes, we’ve been busy planning with our clients for 2019, and I’m really excited about the year ahead. We have lots of plans in place to look forward to, with a variety of events, product launches and new websites - including a new website for Sixothree! Sixothree can take a back seat when prioritising client work, but we are looking to launch a new Sixothree website in the new year.

Jenny: I can’t wait, 2019 is going to be a great year! And finally, do you have any plans to celebrate Sixothree’s 7th birthday?

Karen: We’ll definitely be raising a glass of bubbly to Sixothree and all our clients who we’ve worked with over the last seven years. Here’s to a bigger and even better 2019.

You can find out more about Sixothree Marketing online, or get in touch to discuss your requirements with Karen or Jenny on 0161 694 9619.