Sixothree welcomes its first Marketing Communications Executive

This month I am delighted and incredibly excited to welcome our very first member of staff to the Sixothree family! Allow me to introduce Jenny Graham, our new Marketing Communications Executive.

An exciting development for Sixothree

After five and a half years in business, the company has grown continually. We’re proud to be running an organisation that works with large and small clients up and down the country, helping them to claim a greater portion of their market share and increase profits with intelligent, insightful marketing. This year, we finally reached the stage all businesses must come to eventually. Our rapidly developing client base and increasing workload meant that we needed another like-minded professional to come on board and help us to continue to provide stellar services for our customers.

Finding an individual who shares the same professional and personal passions that motivate you and drive your business can be tricky. Thankfully, I found the perfect match for the business in Jenny.

Jenny has an in-depth and varied background in marketing – having worked for over four years in the industry as a marketing officer. We needed someone with plenty of experience and the knowledge and expertise required to work on a variety of accounts efficiently. Jenny’s track record is remarkably impressive – having worked in a holistic capacity with multiple responsibilities for several companies, providing marketing management, content creation and administrative support for large organisations. Upon reading her CV I knew immediately that she possessed the skillset and mind-set required.

Aside from her career credentials, Jenny’s bubbly personality really stood out. We are a friendly, small company – we needed someone who was going to fit in with our culture, who shared our values and most importantly was a pleasure to work with! Anybody who knows me knows that I have a passion for travelling – so when I noticed a travel blog on Jenny’s CV I could see that we already had so much in common. Her impending bungee jump however, not so much!

Jenny’s role at Sixothree

Jenny’s role will be varied – and reflects both her diverse skillset and the nature of the projects we manage for a wide variety of clients. Primarily, Jenny will support me through client liaison, project management and content creation – ensuring that our specialist team of freelancers are well allocated and co-ordinated. Over time, you’ll likely see a lot more of Jenny as she accompanies me to networking events and takes on more responsibility of specific accounts.

This is a huge step for Sixothree, and I hope that you’ll join me in welcoming Jenny on board and continue to follow us as we take the next step in our journey!