Influencer island: coupling up with social media marketing

The villa: it’s all everyone can talk about, isn’t it? Even if it’s not 100% your type on paper, it’s impossible to ignore love island.

Cancelled plans and phone in hand- the nation’s obsessed. We’re just as guilty for the 9pm rush- we even have Sixothree Love Island branded water bottles in the office! Yet watching beautiful couples compete for a 50k prize isn’t the only show anymore; memes, reactions and influencers are the real spectacle. The social media buzz is undeniable and continues long after the finale. The biggest prize for appearing on the show in 2019 has got to be the promise of “influencer status”.


What is an influencer?

An “influencer” is someone who can monetise their popularity; consumers identify with their online persona and value their opinions of brands and products. It is one of the dominant marketing trends in recent years and could even be argued to be part of the marketing mix. Influencers align with social media platforms and can shape their audiences’ opinions; if a consumer likes an influencer, they are more inclined to buy their recommendations.
Previous contestants on the show have built extremely successful careers as influencers, showing how building popularity on the show can be life changing. Alex and Olivia Bowen are now worth £4.4 million collectively; they have numerous sponsorships for fashion, magazine contracts and social media partnerships. Dani Dyer has earned £1.7 million just since her win last year through sponsored posts on Instagram, collaborations with brands such as Lucozade Zero and the release of an autobiography. This demonstrates how being in the villa and generating a following can be monetised for a lot of money - the islanders essentially become brands themselves and big companies will pay a lot to associate with these reality stars.

Is it always the perfect match?

Although many influencers are honest with their genuine opinion, consumers may often be savvy and sceptical of what the influencer says and public opinion can change quickly; people are unlikely to trust a Love Island contestant once they’ve “had their head turned” by another brand or influencer and this is the same thing.

The Power of Love (Island)

The success of influencer culture shows how important every aspect of your branding is; using someone who doesn’t embody brand values to promote a company or product can be detrimental - firms need to understand human behaviour to stay on top of what consumers value. Programmes such as Love Island and the social media hype demonstrates how fundamental an online presence is - social media is so prevalent in our lives, for most people it’s the first and last thing we look at every single day. The influence brands can have on social media is unquestionable. Like on the show, ”getting to know” people is the only way you can ever build a relationship - your customers are no different. Social media is one of the easiest and most cost-effective platforms you can build this relationship on.

"Can we have a chat?"

If you’re not sure if social media marketing for you or you have trouble understanding which combination of channels showcase your brand the best, we can help. We understand how time-consuming social media management can be but we also value its importance highly - it is needed to spark debate and create the brand loyalty essential for success. If you want to tap into your online audience, get in touch today.