Sixothree Facebook page – Now live

Social media is a great communication tool to keep your company in the spotlight, and keep you in touch with existing and potential customers. Until recently, we have been communicating and engaging with our target audience via Twitter and LinkedIn but have now also launched our very own Sixothree Facebook page.

There are a whole range of social media platforms around - The key is finding the best combination of social media channels for your business. Once you’ve decided which social media platforms work best for you, it’s vitally important that your pages are updated regularly to keep your followers engaged with your brand. Admittedly, we don't do as much on our own social media platforms as we should - our focus is on our clients social media accounts. But, with the launch of our new Facebook page we will endeavor to keep our followers up-to-date with our latest news and marketing top tips. Click here to like and follow our Facebook page.

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We post Sixothree blogs, service updates, promotions, and share general marketing tips and advice.

At Sixothree, we can work with you to develop a time effective social media strategy. If you'd like support with your social media strategy, content, or daily management, please contact Karen on 0161 694 9619 for more information.