Social media – is it for everyone?

As a business you should be on social media, right? Have you ever taken a step back and asked yourself why you as a business have a social media presence?

Businesses we speak with struggle to answer this question, and often answer by saying either that their competitors have a social media presence, it’s to tick a box, it’s free so why not or it’s something they feel they should be doing.

The truth of why your business should be on social media is completely individual to each company and their objectives.

In today’s blog we offer an insight into the world of social media and the potential benefits of having a social media presence.

Improved brand awareness

Social media platforms provide an easy solution to boosting your brand awareness and visibility online. Over 91% of marketers say that their social media marketing efforts have helped to boost their brand’s visibility within the market place. With regular and effective use, social media profiles can boost your brand awareness and in turn help to create a wider audience for your product or service.

A cost-effective form of advertising

As an advertising strategy, social media is probably the most cost-effective. Creating a profile and posting content is free, it’s just your time you pay for, unless you choose to advertise.

If you’re thinking of using paid advertising across social media platforms, always start small and measure the success of campaigns. As a rule, if posted content works well organically, it will generally perform well as an advert – this works especially well when boosting posts on Facebook.

The key to paid social media is ensuring that the targeting that is applying to the advert is appropriate and the best fit for those you're trying to reach.

Start a conversation

Social media is all about being social, so it is important to engage with your audience rather than simply post sales messages.

Create polls, ask questions and spark debate with your content. This type of content adds value and shows that as a brand you are interested in your customer’s opinions and feedback.

Customers will quickly become turned off if all they see is product or service promotions. Yes, you can post about your latest product launch, but make sure it is wedged in between content that speaks to and engages with your customers (and potential customers) about their wants, needs and likes. If it’s not interesting and doesn’t engage, why should they continue to follow you?

Improved brand loyalty

Having a social media presence makes it easier for your customers to find and connect with you. You are increasing the likelihood of your audience engaging with you and remembering you when you have a higher number of brand touch points.

Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction are so closely linked and social media offers you the opportunity to speak directly to your customers and allows you to start developing a bond with them. Once a customer connects with you and feels loyalty towards your brand they are more and more likely to not only buy from you but also recommend you to others – effectively becoming an extension to your sales team.

Increased traffic and enhanced SEO rankings

Another huge benefit of social media is that it helps to boost your website traffic by linking back to relevant content. By sharing snippets of information on social media with a link, you are driving traffic to your website to learn more about your business. They may have a browse whilst they’re there.

Social media is also playing an ever-increasing role in calculating rankings. SEO requirements vary and are becoming more and more advanced. It is no longer good enough to simply optimise your website and upload a couple of blog posts every now and then. By sharing your content across social media, you are indicating to search engines that your brand can be trusted.

If you’re not sure if social media is for you, or which channel/s to use or simply don’t have the time to manage your social media content, we can help. At Sixothree Marketing, we can provide bespoke social media packages – from content support and blog writing to full social media strategies. If you want to tap into your online audience, get in touch today.