365 Days as Marketing Communications Executive

Jess’s Reflection on the past 12 months at Sixothree Marketing

It’s been one year since joining the team, and what a year it’s been! So I thought it would be good to take a look back at the past twelve months, working as the marketing communications executive at Sixothree Marketing.

I started my first month in my bedroom at home, having only met the team once in a café on my first day. Working at a new company at home, communicating with a new team over Zoom was quite surreal, to say the least. But, like everything else last year, we made it work.

When we were finally able to move into our new office in MediaCityUK, I felt like I was at home with my new team straight away. We were all new to the office so got used to the new surroundings and seeing celebrities on our lunch together. I learned so much from the team straight away that it didn’t take long until I was managing my own clients and putting forward new ideas to increase brand reach.

Over the past year, I have worked on many projects for many varied clients. I built several websites for HR, fitness and ecommerce clients. I created strategic plans to improve social media channels and give purpose and targets to the content that was being created. I worked on several automations that were built as lead generation tools to capture new users and take them on a journey from cold leads to customers. The list goes on!

I saw the launch of a new PT studio which has become the Sixothree battleground where we push each other to our fitness limits! We have even started a challenge, to get to 603 miles each before our 10th anniversary.

I was able to take part in the Mental Health First Aid training with a client of mine to understand the course and promote it. This was an eye-opening course that left me with the confidence to be able to provide support to colleagues, friends and family should they ever need it.

The digital world is constantly changing, so half the job of a digital marketer is to learn new technologies and stay ahead with digital trends. I am now studying for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, with the Digital Marketing Institute. This is helping me to increase my current knowledge in SEO and PPC and learn new skills for tools that have arisen since the good old days of my marketing degree.

This came around just as my manager Jen is preparing to leave for her first child. We’re over the moon to have another addition to the Sixothree team. This has meant my role has increased further, taking on more clients and sharing new projects with the team.

Despite a global pandemic and having to work from home for half of the year, it’s been an incredible journey so far at Sixothree. I’m lucky to have wonderful clients who I have been able to help with their marketing efforts. Strangely, due to the pandemic, I have still only met a handful of my clients in person. So, I’m looking forward to getting out once restrictions ease to finally meet the rest.

Sixothree has lots of big plans in the works so I’m excited to keep growing and moving forward with the team. It’s a constant challenge at Sixothree as we continuously push ourselves to provide our clients with the best service. But I wouldn’t want it any other way!