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Networking and why it is so important

Networking for some, can be a scary word. The thought of standing up and introducing yourself to large groups of people and walking into a room where everybody knows everybody else, is understandably daunting. Whilst others may see it as a waste of time – taking up a large chunk of the working day. At…
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Networking in Manchester

After many years advising clients to get out and about and start networking with businesses in their area, last year I joined my first networking group representing Sixothree - The BforB Manchester Ladies Group. Not only have I just renewed my membership for another year but I also now attend another two networking groups. In…
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Manchester networking at its best

This afternoon I took part in the BforB Open Day, designed to give Manchester business men and women a taster of what BforB networking is all about. I am fortunate to be a member of the BforB Ladies Group and have been a member since the group launched in August. We meet every other Tuesday…
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