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The Value in Video

What was once considered as an expensive waste of time, has now catapulted to the forefront of online habits. Video used to involve buffer signs and the tapping of impatient fingers as you waited for the video to load for the fifth time. Now, with faster connections and more devices than ever, video is at…
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2020: What trends will influence marketing?

Marketing will always be centred around building relationships with your customers and driving your business forward, but it is always changing. Trends can have a huge impact on the way brands act. You need to be proactive with your marketing to keep your brand relevant and stay ahead of the competition. Being Social Social media…
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Include video in your marketing strategy to make waves in 2017

With so many avenues for businesses to explore as they promote themselves, marketing budgets are increasingly stretched to their limits. Yet the best strategies are comprised of many strands, which come together to form one concerted effort. Your consumers may be part of one or several markets, but they will all be exposed to and…
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Special offer on video marketing

We are giving you the opportunity to try video marketing for just £300+VAT. If you've looked into video marketing before, you'll be aware it can be quite costly due to the production and editing costs involved. We understand this is not feasible for small to medium sized businesses and have been working with our client…
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FREE video workshop at your place

Did you know that video can mean a 74% increase in a customers understanding of your product? Or that email click-throughs increase threefold when video is included? We think video is an essential tool in your training or marketing mix. In fact, we are so convinced that we are offering a 100% FREE WORKSHOP at…
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