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Why it’s time for brands to rethink their future

Who expected 2020 to go like this? We know the last few weeks have been a minefield, with the world changing rapidly in ways we probably never imagined. We know businesses are finding it challenging to navigate difficult decisions and plan ahead into the unknown. The concept of “what now?” may seem overwhelming, but rethinking…
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2020: What trends will influence marketing?

Marketing will always be centred around building relationships with your customers and driving your business forward, but it is always changing. Trends can have a huge impact on the way brands act. You need to be proactive with your marketing to keep your brand relevant and stay ahead of the competition. Being Social Social media…
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Influencer island: coupling up with social media marketing

The villa: it’s all everyone can talk about, isn’t it? Even if it’s not 100% your type on paper, it’s impossible to ignore love island. Cancelled plans and phone in hand- the nation’s obsessed. We’re just as guilty for the 9pm rush- we even have Sixothree Love Island branded water bottles in the office! Yet…
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Social media – is it for everyone?

As a business you should be on social media, right? Have you ever taken a step back and asked yourself why you as a business have a social media presence? Businesses we speak with struggle to answer this question, and often answer by saying either that their competitors have a social media presence, it’s to…
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Making the most of LinkedIn marketing

If you run a business, it’s likely you’ve heard of (or use) LinkedIn as a social network. Known as the platform for companies and corporate highflyers, it’s been a staple of start-up and employee checklists since its conception in 2002. It’s less likely however that you’ve been able to use LinkedIn as a viable, productive…
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Sixothree Facebook page – Now live

Social media is a great communication tool to keep your company in the spotlight, and keep you in touch with existing and potential customers. Until recently, we have been communicating and engaging with our target audience via Twitter and LinkedIn but have now also launched our very own Sixothree Facebook page. There are a whole…
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