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Don’t lose what you have: why loyalty is as important as acquisition

In the minefield of marketing, growth is everything: we talk about acquisition of new customers on a daily, if not hourly basis. Yet what about the people who helped you even be a business in the first place? The satisfaction of your current customers is just as paramount to growing your business and we want…
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Taking time out is essential

In today’s blog we want to get you thinking about your business, more specifically how often you take time out to work on your business. We’re all guilty of it, and at Sixothree we’re no different. We get caught up in our day-to-day tasks and before we know it weeks/ months have flown by. But…
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7 shows, 5 locations and a fantastic month

September for Sixothree was a month of exhibitions. As the summer ends and the days become shorter we are very much into exhibition season with our clients. Exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity for our clients to meet and speak face-to-face with potential customers, discuss opportunities and developments within their industry, promote their brand to their…
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5 top tips to help you master the world of e-commerce

E-commerce is an everyday occurrence for millions of consumers around the world, so what can you do to make your e-commerce business stand out and flourish? In today’s blog we discuss five top tips to help boost product sales. The importance of a social link Your customers spend a lot of time on social media.…
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Social media – is it for everyone?

As a business you should be on social media, right? Have you ever taken a step back and asked yourself why you as a business have a social media presence? Businesses we speak with struggle to answer this question, and often answer by saying either that their competitors have a social media presence, it’s to…
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Exhibitions – more of a marathon than a sprint

Do you or the company you work for attend exhibitions for marketing and lead generation? Do you get the most out of your exhibition space? At Sixothree we have a wealth of experience in managing exhibitions for our clients, and we understand that for a successful exhibition, it needs to be a carefully planned process.…
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Networking and why it is so important

Networking for some, can be a scary word. The thought of standing up and introducing yourself to large groups of people and walking into a room where everybody knows everybody else, is understandably daunting. Whilst others may see it as a waste of time – taking up a large chunk of the working day. At…
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Well London, what can I say!

Jenny's London Marathon Experience It’s 5 days since I took to the start line in Greenwich for the London Marathon and I still feel completely overwhelmed. I’m not going to lie, running the London Marathon hurts! But wow, what an experience. The goose bumps when spectators (who you’ve never met before) start chanting your name.…
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Marketing trends to look out for in 2018

The New Year is fast approaching, and as 2017 draws to a close we are considering which trends will shape the marketing landscape in 2018. Here’s 5 trends to consider in your 2018 marketing plan. 1. Content Marketing Delivering quality content on a regular basis rather than solely sales messages highlights your brand as an…
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Three reasons why you should be Remarketing

Have you been browsing online and spotted adverts from brand websites you visited days before? That advert that keeps reminding you of the handbag you looked at and really wanted or the holiday you were dreaming of but managed to resist? These adverts are designed to encourage you to return to the website and make…
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